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Happy Friday! My calendar is empty today which means no meetings. That's my kind of Friday. Here's a quick wrap up on what's been going on this week.

Friends for dinner. Last night Nate and I invited our friends Colin and Justine over to have dinner with us. Nate asked me to find a chicken burrito recipe like Chipotle, but apparently chipotle is also a pepper (a very spicy pepper) and when I found and tried a recipe that included chipotles and adobo sauce, Nate and I almost melted our mouths off and I ran to the store for taco seasoning and ground beef while Nate tried to salvage the chicken by rinsing off the sauce. It worked and the chicken was good and we had a half pound of normal taco beef on the side. Colin and Justine hail from KC and they are great.

Otismeister. Otis is doing well. Fitting right in like family. It will be sad when he leaves. I'm not sure how Miles will react. He'll probably be lonely. Miles feels like a heavy giant when you pick him up after you pick up Otis, who weighs like 4 lbs.

SBTS. I'm officially applying to enroll at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to take a class or two this spring semester. It will most likely be a Saturday class so I don't miss work but they haven't yet posted what classes will be available in Nashville next semester. There are only three available degrees here right now so an M.A. in Christian Education it will be. (The others are an M.Div and Ph.D.)

Smashville. Nate and I are going to our first hockey game tomorrow night: the Nashville Predators vs. the Carolina Hurricanes. We got free General Admission tickets (via a Facebook offer). I have kind of been scoring all types of free things lately (you've seen that "Respect the Roll" commercial by Cottonelle? Yeah, I sent off for a free TP roll holder). I got a $5 gas card by collecting codes from cereal boxes, got a $50 gift card to a local running store for winning a contest, and am getting about 5 free greeting cards thanks to a coupon code. And yeah, I'm also that girl who signs up for free shampoo and body wash samples whenever I get a chance. Sometimes you'll find boxes of cereal and soyjoy bars (gross) and pens with my name on it in the mailbox. I can't help it.

College Worship Gathering. Tonight is our first worship gathering with the Immanuel College group. This Sunday we are starting a study through Hebrews. So excited. We love those college kids.

October. October is officially upon us which means I can start searching for/buying/planting blueberries and raspberries and planting my daffodil and tulip bulbs. I've got some other minor landscaping things to do too. Our Home Depot gift card is coming in very handy.


  1. I love free stuff too. The main website I use to find free stuff is (http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/free-stuff/). I mostly just use it for magazines and shampoo/soap samples.

  2. I just wish I could manage a budget worth anything. I need to be saving money something serious because I'm planning a wedding for a couple of years from now and I need a good chunk of change for the wedding and a possible down payment on a house.


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