I sat in the Home Depot parking lot waiting for a black BMW carrying a man named Thomas to show up. He did, and after a quick exchange I was on my way home with my very own two-drawer file cabinet. We have papers stacked in random places around the house, and because I frequently file things at work, I knew this would be a great solution to our clutter.

Before buying this file cabinet, I did my research. I was initially discouraged because these aren't the types of things I could just walk into Staples and buy. These suckers are going new for $213. That's not exactly in our budget.

Here comes Craigslist. I found a slightly worn great two-drawer vertical file cabinet for a mere $25. Dealio!

It fits perfectly in the space next to my desk and I pulled out some leftover paint to give it a face lift. It will need a couple of coats, but I think the finished product will be great. I'm debating adding the green color to it.

I think I will use black chalkboard spray paint to fill in the little square labels on the front so we can just write in the categories with chalk and easily erase them. It might be fun to do a whole side of it with chalkboard paint. It is incredible what a coat of paint can do.

On the way home it was rainy and I was going 70 mph down the interstate when I saw (just barely) a white spider sprint across my dashboard and dive into one of the center air vents. Great. I called Nate and left a message to tell him he better be proud of me for not freaking out. Remember this incident? He was in class and texted to make sure everything was alright. Our conversation went like this:

          Alyssa: (missed call, voice mail)

          Nate: Everything alright?

          Alyssa: Yes.
          Alyssa: Spider. Car.
          Alyssa: 70 mph

          Nate: You wrecked?

          Alyssa: No :)
          Alyssa: Be proud of me

          Nate: Honey, you are going to give me a heart attack.

Hey, I thought I deserved some courage points for being brave and staying calm. Right? :)

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