friday four square.

Me and Mr. Overly Aggressive ... I took his elbow to the head and shoulder.
Here at LW we are wrapping up Week 1 of the U.S. City Challenge. After one week, I have increased my sit and reach by a one-half inch, can do 35 modified push-ups (instead of 25), and have probably gained some weight but I'm gaining some muscle and every scale I ever stand on is always really different.

Today one of my coworkers organized a Four Square Friday event. At 9 a.m., a few dozen employees gathered on the roof parking lot (in the sun ... 85 degrees never felt so hot) and played a giant modified game of Four Square for 20 minutes to earn fitness points for LW.

A couple people fell down and I took an elbow to the head and shoulder from a rather competitive player on my team. We used a giant ball and the goal of the game was to keep the ball out of your square. The rules were loose because the point was to have fun and in the end a team was declared the winner, whatever that means.

So now I'm sitting at my desk in front of a fan and reapplying deodorant. My hair is pulled back and I am wishing they would turn those two empty floors in the basement where the warehouse used to be into a gym and locker room area with showers. Emphasis on the showers.

We love the City Challenge, but have you ever ridden an elevator with someone who could use a quick rinse? That won't be happening though because today has unofficially been declared No-Elevator Friday, so we trekked the stairs up to the eighth floor for some more fitness points. I'm wearing my pedometer today that I bought at the Dollar Tree.

This morning one of my coworkers remarked, "I'm surprised they don't have a fire drill every week and then announce, 'OK, everyone! Go log your points!'" I'm not sure forced exercise would be good for morale, but it's not a bad idea.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! But I'm sorry for all the heat and...stench you have to endure. Happy Friday :]


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