On days when Nate's work schedule is within a half hour of mine, we carpool. It's way better than driving alone. Yesterday when Nate and I were driving home, we had a conversation that went like this.

          Alyssa: I think I want a miter saw. You can get one on Craigslist for like $50.

          Nate: For what?

          Alyssa: To make shelves and things … build a deck behind the house.

          Nate: You know, it's kind of embarrassing that you're more handy than me.

          Alyssa: I just have more free time.

Later that evening …

          Nate: Hey, take a picture of my DIY antenna job. Now we get NBC.

Yeah, I think we need a bigger antenna. :) Well, pretty normal week here in Nashville. It rained last night and allergy season is starting to kick in. We're starting to look at options for the holidays. Why does flying have to be so expensive? And driving so slow?

At work, we have been hanging out in third place in the U.S. City Challenge which is very unfortunate considering Dr. Rainer promised we'd instate casual Fridays (jeans!) if we won. I think it's tough because we had so many people sign up (like 550) so individual points aren't worth much since they are ratio-ed to the number of participants.

Nate is staying busy with working full-time and being a full-time seminary student. My book is coming along, at least organizationally. It is going to take a lot of research and studying. Hermeneutics can be tricky stuff so I want to have a good basis for why I read the Bible like I do so it doesn't seem like I'm making this stuff up.

Other than that, pretty status quo. I think we won't be leaving Nashville for the next three months so that's … exciting. Maybe during Nate's fall break we can get away somewhere nearby. Marriage is awesome, God is good.


  1. I like how it looks like that hand in the picture in holding the antenna.

  2. Haha I hadn't noticed. That's funny.

  3. I definitely thought the title had to do with the picture of the hand! haha Too funny. I think I need some of your handy-ness to rub off on me!


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