I recently (finally) got a library card and love the Edmondson Pike library. It's the second-closest to home … the first-closest is smaller than my house and is a lot of computers and always crowded and not so many books. The Edmondson Pike branch has windows spanning the east wall and lots of places to sit and tons of books. Here is what I currently have checked out:

I taught myself enough InDesign to build pages for my book.

I haven't started reading this yet but it might be helpful info. in the cuture.

Here's what I plan to check out next:
Nate has some friends in Louisville who showed us their square foot gardening and it looked great.
We have tons of square feet in our backyard, but I want to be efficient with the space.

This should be a college course.

I'm getting serious about that miter saw! I am trying to find ways to organize the attic and utility shelves are expensive! I could build shelves on the slants like this. We really need to get some insulation in there first though.

I skipped a garden this summer with wedding planning and wedding, but this next summer I am going all out. We will eat a lot better and save a lot of money if we can eat from the backyard.

I'm making my first Craigslist purchase … a two-drawer file cabinet. $25. The same one is selling new for $180, so I'd say this is a pretty good deal. I have a bad habit of piling papers up at home and I think a good file cabinet would help me organize all of those and decide which ones we can throw away.

Getting things in order.

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