free popsicles.

If you are in the general vicinity of Nashville, jump on this deal: 

These boys usually run $2.50 each, so this is a nice treat. My team took an afternoon break today for popsicles. I usually get chai or chocolate mint chip, but they didn't have those so I tried cookies. It was a creamy popsicle with chunks of chocolate chip cookie in it. Pretty good.

Jeff ordered strawberry.

Cheryl ordered chocolate with chilis.
Las Paletas is in Nashville favorite. They're special because they are Mexican popsicles. My favorite variety is the creamy popsicles because they are milk-based, not water-based. Our friends Sam and Anne tried their hand at making popsicles once. They brought some over and they were pretty good. We're still waiting for the word that they've got a booming business back in Kansas. :)

It's mostly cloudy, somewhat rainy, and 72°F in Nashville. Any day is a perfect day for a popsicle.

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  1. Oh those sound so good! I would go for the milk-based ones, too. A girl needs her calcium ;]


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