labor day.

Happy Labor Day! I love three-day weekends. We won't have another holiday until Thanksgiving, so I'm trying to make the most of this one. So far it has been awesome.

Today is awesome because ...

The house is clean and the windows are open! The AC is off!

Nate is home and he is as usual (and regardless of this picture) very sweet. We had breakfast
together for the first time in ... a long time. Turkey bacon and cinnamon scones.

The high today is 70 degrees. 70! It is rainy and cool and breezy and overcast.
We even pulled out our sweats and long sleeved shirts. The fresh air feelings amazing!

Nate is studying and for lunch I made grilled turkey and swiss sandwiches and soup with apple slices. I'm making chili for dinner. We're hanging out in the study and listening to The Civil Wars. The biggest decision I have to make in the next several hours is "Am I going to take a nap or read a good book?" That is awesome. We rented a movie from Blockbuster Express (I have coupon codes for 10 free movies) and will relax and rest so we can hit the ground running come Tuesday morning.

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