Made huge leaps of progress on the project at work today. After reformatting and rough editing 317 activities for kids, I am glad to take a breath. I've got this activity-writing down now though, I think. I almost took a job with a textbook company (they timing wasn't right; they needed me before I graduated) and I'm glad I didn't. The monotonous writing style would not be fantastic and the perks of graduating is getting as far away from textbooks as possible. Also glad I didn't get the internship with Hallmark. I hear they are doing horribly as a company. Guess greeting cards aren't at the top of people's grocery lists during a recession.

Today at work Teresa asked me if I had gotten my leaky sink fixed. I told her I just started using the other side of the sink instead. I said I hate to pay someone for what looks like it would be such an easy fix. Shoot; I replaced that tub faucet in the Cedarmont house with no fear! I think it just makes me more nervous when it's my own house. It's a lot bigger deal if you botch the job. Teresa told me I should just start dating a plumber. That doesn't sound like such a bad idea ... just kidding!

Andrea is back in the office doing some contract work. This makes me really happy.

On Sunday I cooked up a bunch of chicken with pasta and peppers/onions and made up containers for my lunches this week. They're right when they say, "Out of sight, out of mind." I just get too distracted when I'm heading out the door in the mornings and the inside of the refrigerator was definitely out of mind this morning. I forgot my lunch. Sad day.

Nailed down my plans for next week: I'm driving out on Wednesday and staying the night in Kansas City with Lindsey. Lindsey has to work on Christmas Eve (and Christmas!) and I have plans to meet up with Jenn in Burlington so I'll be heading home early the 24th.

Tomorrow I'm interviewing Paige Armstrong. Pretty excited because she's got a great story. I hope I can make the article show it!

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