My lack of updates indicates one of two things:
1) I'm too busy to update.
2) There is absolutely nothing going on that I want to write about.

This time, it's #2. Pretty normal, low-key week. Go to work, get home, go to bed. Repeat.
Tonight I've been browsing the Internet for adoptable kittens in the Nashville area. I'm still waiting until after Christmas (I'll be back in town Dec. 28) to adopt. But it's fun to look.

Nigel. Wins the cute in a "I'm-only-four-months but I'm already a gentlemankitten" kind of way award. And I love this name. Still not sure what I'll name my kitten but the list now includes: Cricket, Moose, or Nigel.

Nemo. Wins the award for saddest adoption story (well, funniest because the abused kittens have the saddest stories): Hi my name is Nemo. I was born on 8/22/09. My mom was a domestic shorthair and my dad left before I could get a good look at him.

Untitled. This kitten is unnamed. It's a female; I'm planning on adopting a male. She sure is cute though.

Midnight. Another cute girl. Extremely cute.

Dana. Love the all-black face. Dana has a brother who is really cute, but he's already been adopted.

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