Yesterday I installed my programmable thermostat. Because the new one was not the same shape as the old one (wide v. tall), I found out that the wall in the hallway used to be bright blue. I went out to my shed (chicken coop) and found some paint. Unfortunately it didn't match the wall; it was closer to the yellow in my bedroom (though not exact because I tried touching up a spot in there and it turned out a bit green). But, it's a temporary fix until I can get out there and pop open some paint cans and find the right shade. I like knowing the exact temperature of my house now, and I have it programmed to cool down when I'm at work and asleep.

Another quiet day at the office. I got some work done on Bible Express. The stories weren't ready until after 2 p.m, but I went in and saved all the files as .docx so the style templates would work and did added the verses to the keyword lists and verified them, so when the stories were ready, I was dropping the text and tagging it in 25 seconds per devo. I didn't finish because it was time to go.

During my lunch break, I called an auto glass place downtown. I almost got my rock chip sealed yesterday, but I got busy with things around the house. The two places I called yesterday quoted me at $45 and $50. I hate spending that much money on such a small chip. This place downtown said I could bring my car in right after work and it was only $25! They were really nice and got me out of there in about 20 minutes. It's Jack Morris Auto Glass ... so if you ever need some work done, I highly recommend them.

While I was waiting, I read an article in the paper about this guy who, every day this year, would sit down and roll two 8-sided dice. Then he would write a very short story using a corresponding word count (11-88 words). He was inspired by Hemingway's famous short, short 6-word story:

For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.

Check out the blog: Flash Fiction 365. It's fun. I was in a writing group in college (the inkWELL) that met on Saturday mornings and this sounds like something we would have had a good time with.

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  1. I guess it pays to shop around!


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