snowless ambition.

Yesterday it was 53 degrees in Nashville. Today it's 60 degrees. Ah yes, I love the South. In Burlington today the windchill is 0 degrees. I can hardly believe it's December 14 and I haven't seen any snow yet. There's a 30 percent chance of snow/rain on Dec. 19 and a 40 percent chance on Dec. 23. I've been wanting the snow to stay away, but the closer it gets to December 25, the less it feels like Christmas time.

I took advantage of yesterday's warmnth and went to a park to run. It was nice. I also got some stretch bands (because I needed to pad my Amazon order to get free shipping) so I've been working out with those all weekend. I'm pretty sore today but I don't hate it.

Oh yeah, so yesterday I'm doing my dishes (hurray for me, right?) and I hear this "drip, drip, drip." And I open the cabinet beneath my sink where I have this enormous green tub full of cleaning supplies (courtesy of my real estate agent) and the tub is collecting water. The two places the PVC pipes connect under my sink are leaking. Great. I am not a happy camper because I just wish it was something I could fix myself. I really do not want to pay someone to do it. It's probably just not screwed together tight enough or something. It's a slow leak, and for now I'm just not using that side of the sink.

This morning I got a copy of Michael Gungor Band's album, Beautiful Things. It comes out in February. I've seen Michael Gungor Band before … years ago—at Acquire the Fire, I think. Anyway, I'm really liking the new album. Listening to it all day while I work. Pretty great.

Thursday I'm interviewing Paige Armstrong. She's got a great story, and though I have a few questions prepared, I need to sit down in the next day or two and decide what direction to take my 450-word article. I want it to be amazing.

Back to Kansas in 9 days. Pretty excited about it (but not the driving 1,300 miles part). Well, that's all. I feel like all my thoughts have been pretty lame lately. I need to start doing exciting things around the city so I have something to write about. Definitely ready for 2010; more on that later. My lunch break is almost over.

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