back in kansas.

Yesterday I made the drive back to Kansas. The drive wasn't too bad ... until I hit St. Louis. I just want to say that whoever decided it was a good idea to run the interstate parallel to the river and then weave it straight through downtown STL was not very wise. Traffic was crazy and then it started raining. It rained all the way to Kansas City. Then it rained most of the way to Burlington. But at least it was rain and not ice/snow.

I stopped in Kansas City to visit Lindsey. It was really great to see her. She drove me by the house she is considering buying and for dinner we made bierocks with her roommate. I decided to head back to Burlington last night instead of waiting until this morning. Probably a good decision because the rain is now turning to ice and there is a 90% chance of snow by 2 pm.

Erica and JR drove in from Columbia, MO. They brought their golden retriever (kind of still a) puppy, Daisy. Marley wasn't too excited that Daisy is around, but Daisy spends most of the time outside. She's really good at sitting when you tell her to.

Marley is as cute as ever. I picked him up wearing my black coat though and will have to remember to use a lint roller before I go out -- there is white hair all over it! Marley loves to drink out of the sink.

This morning I met up with Jenn. We were going to go to the coffee shop in town (yup, there's only one) but it was closed, so we went to the bakery (aka the donut shop). It was really good to catch up with her, too. She's getting married in June, which is probably the next time I'll be back in Kansas (for the wedding).

It has started sleeting/snowing. We're expected to get 1-3 inches today, then 4-6 more inches of snow tonight! Hopefully things will clear up by Sunday/Monday so I can make the drive back to Nashville safely. It's a good day to stay inside.

Played Cranium with Erica, JR, and Geoff, boys vs. girls. Erica and I won! Scored a sweet trivia card when they asked which famous artist was never famous during his lifetime. I happened to know that Van Gogh never sold a painting during his lifetime! (Thank you Bible Express X-facts!!)

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