2009 in review.

2009 was probably the biggest year of change so far. Here's a quick look at the past 12 months.

January -- Finally moved out of the dorms! Lived at the ATM. Started the semester with a heavy reading load for my Dickens class. Only had classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Awesome.

February -- Turned 21. Played intramural basketball with girls from Fredonia. Enjoyed fun times at the ATM. Got invited to interview at LifeWay for an internship.

March -- Spring breaked in Nashville. Made the 1300+ mile round-trip solo. Stayed two nights in a hotel. Had my first legit interview (45 minutes and very laid back). Three days later found out LifeWay chose me for the internship.

April -- participated in "They Only Come Out at Night." First time reading my writing in front of a large audience. Won third place in the prose category for my satirical piece. Helped put together the book: the collection of writing from our inkWELL Saturday a.m. writing group.
Felt like a fat kid walking to campus. Heart issues and hospital. EKGs, ECGs, and treadmills. Tachycardia.

May -- Graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in literature. Moved out of the ATM. Adopted a kitten (Marley) for Mom. Home for a week. Packed up my car. Housing plans fall through. Drove to Tennessee with no place to stay. Spent three days hunting for a room and found one on Craigslist.

June -- moved in with Jessica and Abe. Internship started. Became the unofficial social planner for the summer interns: kayaking, baseball games, days downtown.

July -- quick trip back to Kansas by plane to see family and friends. Back to Nashville. I find out a position is opening at LifeWay. I start meeting with as many people as possible so they know me. Got baptized at First Baptist Nashville.Wrap up internship at the end of the month. Interview for production editor position.

August -- quick trip back to Kansas (by car). Working on contract and am offered the job. Gladly accept. Become a TN resident. Still living with Abe and Jessica. My real estate agent finds me through Twitter and we begin talking. I start talking to a banker about a home loan.

September -- move into the Cedarmont house with Kate and Rachel. Get my picture with Dr. Rainer at new employee orientation. House hunting is well underway. I am picking up on the ins and outs of being a production editor. Wrote the Office skit for CMP department mtg. Meeting awesome people like John Waller, Steven Curtis Chapman, Brandon Heath, Leeland, John Cooper (Skillet), Phil Stacey, Mark Hall (Casting Crowns), Mission Six, The Rubyz, Paige Armstrong.

October -- found a house and going through the process of buying it. Trying to save money like crazy. Signed the deal at the end of the month and became a first-time homeowner.

November -- Moved out of the Cedarmont house and into my house. Mom and Mark visit. Erica visits. For Thanksgiving, I eat dinner with the Lands and then drive down to Biloxi, MS to visit Clarissa. We caught up on life and enjoyed 68 degrees at the beach.

December -- Up to my neck in book projects at work. Loving it. Experiencing a quiet Christmas week at the office. Bill brought me a Christmas tree so my neighbors won't think I hate Christmas. Heading home for Christmas (by car). Back in Nashville on Dec. 28 to ring in the new year.

I certainly feel like I've grown up 2-3 years in the last several months, at least as far as responsibilities goes! Here are a few more pictures from 2009:

Me in front of my house

Simba and Nala: My summer cats.

Me on the Shelby Street Bridge. I'm going to take a picture here every summer as long as I'm in Nashville.

Went to the Cornell v. Alabama game in Tuscaloosa. Cornell won!

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

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  1. Alyssa,
    Wow! You're amazing!
    I am so proud of you and you should be proud of all you've accomplished. I love you and be careful coming home.


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