"happy birthday, jesus. sorry your party's so lame."

Well, I'm back in Nashville. Christmas with the family was good. Wish I could see my friends more than 40 minutes every 4-6 months, but I suppose that's the consequence of moving 660 miles away. The drive today wasn't bad; I avoided I-70 across Missouri because of snow in KC and heavy traffic. I took the route across southern Missouri. In southeast Kansas, I was switching highways every 15 minutes and most of the roads were two lane; traffic got really crazy just before the Tennessee/Kentucky border. I don't understand why people think it is OK to drive on the shoulder 1.5 miles to an exit just because traffic is backed up. I abandoned 24E at Briley Parkway and hit downtown to see backed up traffic for the Titans game.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter may have noticed my updates from the road. When I got home and checked my page, I realized how concerned Jeff and Bill are about my safety:

haha. I appreciate it :)

Grandma got me a jar opener that you just put on a jar and touch a button and it opens the jar for you. When I pulled it out of the box, my grandma said, "That's because you're living alone." To which I replied, "Grandma, how am I supposed to meet guys if I can do everything for myself?" ;)

Here are a couple of pics: 1) The kids (Geoff, me, Erica, and JR--Erica's husband). 2) My dad's side of the family: 4 sets of families and the grandparents.

 Before going over to my dad's to see family, Erica, Geoff, and I were making bets on the chances someone was going to get a Snuggie. (My dad's side is just that predictable.) Not only did someone get a Snuggie -- everyone got one.

My brother modeling his Snuggie like in the commercials.

On Christmas Day, Erica, Geoff, JR, and I went out to John Redmond (the dam) and went sledding. The snow was pretty thick so we had to push ourselves down the hill to pack down a path. Then we got to going so fast that the sled often hit the road at the bottom and kept going. Here's a video of me sledding. When I hit the road, my back hit the edge of the sled and I'm definitely sporting some bruises on my spine from this run.

Taking my floating holiday tomorrow. I'll probably spend the day unpacking my stuff, getting the chip in my windshield sealed, and setting up dentist and eye doctor appts. Oh, and I love that there is no snow here. The blizzard is Kansas complete with power outages and high winds was pretty crazy.

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