burlington, day 1

Friday evening I arrived in Kansas City. Dad and Karen picked me up at the airport and we ate at Smokehouse BBQ for dinner. Kansas City is known for its barbeque. We made it to Burlington around 10 p.m.

Saturday morning my sister and I got up early and took her dog, Daisy, for a walk. It was 55 degrees! Then we played with her in the yard.
Daisy running like a fox
Daisy with a tennis ball
We came inside and watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Middle school is so awful! :) For lunch Mom, Mark, Erica, and I went up to Lyndon, Kansas, for Buzzard's Pizza. It's probably the best pizza on the face of the earth.
large supreme pizza
Buzzard's Pizza
We came home and took short naps before Erica and I headed out to Melvern Lake with Dad.
Me at the dock
Erica on Melvern Lake
Tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer (mid- to upper-70s). One thing about being home is that my allergies are killing me! I don't have any problems with allergies living in the city, but tonight I'm sleeping courtesy of Benadryl.

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