Today I took a half day of vacation so I could have some time to try to get things straight with insurance about my car. I'm waiting on someone to come out and determine how much damage was done. In case it is totaled, Nate and I went out yesterday and this afternoon to look at cars. We found a couple of Nissan Versas; one was manual and the other, automatic. The automatic is a little more expensive, but I didn't know how to drive a stick! So today Nate and I went to a parking lot and he let me drive his car around as he taught me the ins and outs of driving a manual.

We wandered into a store and found a couple of couches I like. Since we didn't have a tape measure, Nate snapped this picture with his phone so we can decide if it will fit in my house. I'm not ready to buy furniture. This is just for future reference.

Tonight I had dinner with Sam and Anne. Then we went to Kairos. Confession: I may or may not have fallen asleep during  Kairos. I am fading quickly! Goodnight!


  1. Agh. Driving stick is awful. I had to learn how in Alaska, and I did a lot of praying while I was driving!

    If you're looking for a couch, you should check out the TJ Maxx HomeGoods store in Brentwood. I found a lot of stuff for my townhome and office there.

  2. haha, Nate says I'm a natural. For being a natural, I was very nervous!

    Thanks for the furniture suggestion!

  3. Ahh I sure miss the ole probe! Remember when you got pulled over west of town learning to drive it? :-) I miss driving a stick shift; see you should've stuck with it and learned back then ;-)

  4. Also.... great t shirt in the pic!

  5. Geoff, believe me - that story came up! ... "You know, I almost learned to drive a stick once. Except this state trooper thought I was lost and pulled me over. My brother was in the back seat laughing his head off." ;)

  6. That sounds about right :)


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