extra fetchal.


a fetchal treat.


  1. What does "fetchal" mean? Seems like how a little kid would pronounce "special". When I google it one of the results is this blog page and the rest are programming pages that have to do with the command "fetchall" i.e. Fetch All.

  2. haha, you nailed it. Lots of back story to it, but it's how a little kid pronounces "special." reference: Kevin Cawley, Redeemer Kansas City sermon (http://www.redeemerkansascity.org/resources/?sermon_id=110)

  3. Dear Alyssa,
    My red-headed-husband and I have been questioning the impact that this "Nate" character has had on the frequency of your blog updates. You have avid readers (especially closely related relatives who shared the womb with you) who depend on the detailed updates related to your life. Nate - I'm looking forward to meeting you but please encourage Alyssa to blog more.


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