burlington, day 2

We solved the puzzle!
This morning my sister and I got up and took Daisy on a two-mile walk before church. For lunch, we went over to my dad's and then went back to my mom's to watch a movie. My sister and I put a puzzle together, then my mom and I played Scrabble (she won ... Erica helped her). For dinner we stopped at Sonic. My sister and I each got a Jr. Sonic burger with cheese. They charged us for cheese, but didn't put any on, so we got two more burgers (with cheese) for free. They also gave us some coupons but Mom lost them out the window as we pulled onto the highway.

Before the sun set, Mom, Mark, Erica, Daisy, and I walked down to Conrad Park to hang out. The equipment is a lot smaller than I remember! :)

Mom on the yellow horse
Erica on the white horse
Mark on the brown horse
Me on the black horse
Erica tried to get Daisy to go down the slide, but she wouldn't.

Erica and Daisy
Tomorrow afternoon I am flying back to Nashville. No offense, Kansas, but I can't wait to get back to the city. I thought I had outgrown my ragweed allergies, but it turns out living in Nashville just removed me from the ragweed environment. I've been miserable this weekend when it comes to my sinuses. I forgot to check in for my flight early, so I'm boarding as a B34. Oh well.

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