My car :-(
I guess they design cars to crumple. Mine crumpled well; nothing on the inside smashed in.
Doors won't open, windows won't roll
Rear left window knocked out of place. Won't roll up or down.
The other car. Pretty minor damage.
This morning I was heading over to my friend Anne's house to hang out and stop by Home Depot and look at paint colors for my rooms then have lunch and learn how to cook for two on a budget. It was 9:30 and nice outside. Runners were making their way up and down the sidewalks along Belmont Blvd. To make a dramatic story less dramatic, all of a sudden a car turned left into the side of me.

I was heading northbound and I suppose I had seen it going southbound, but of course I didn't expect it to turn. It wasn't even that it turned in front of me ... it hit me square in the side. The impact jarred me and I'm pretty sure my head hit the side of my car, but not too hard. I braked as my car started to spin and then came to a stop. I called 911 who told me to call another number since there were no apparent injuries. The other number said, "No one is available at this time. Current wait time is 3 minutes." What good does that do me? I hung up and called Anne to come and she did. I couldn't open my doors to get out of the car, so I had to crawl over to the passenger's side. The other lady got out and said she just hadn't seen me there.

We waited for a police officer to come do a report, and then I called my insurance company who took the information. I only have liability because my car is a '97 with 147,000 miles and not worth a lot. They said I have to call her insurance company to file the claim and get an assessor to decide how much damage was done. Her insurance doesn't do claims on weekends so I have to wait until Monday at 8 a.m. I'm very glad it wasn't my fault. I'm very glad no one was hurt.

That was a close one,


  1. Whew! Glad you're okay, but really hoping that her insurance will handle this quickly & issue you a check! Did the police report fault her? Ohhh, accidents are just scary all around. I've been in a few which thank God have always ended w/ me (and other ppl in the car) being okay!

    Make sure you see a chiro or massage therapist to make sure you didn't knock anything outta whack. I did not follow that advice & my back/neck still aches randomly for which I blame the car accidents.


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