weekend update.

Nash and Jeff
Is this weekend over already? Sweet weekend. Friday after work, Nate and I went to the zoo to see the new flamingo exhibit. Also on display were storks. Their habitat had been closed during my previous visits because of the effects of the May flood. We stood and watched the storks and were fascinated. Really fascinated. Have you ever seen a stork? The flamingos were humorous and very loud! A little girl informed her dad that she was going to ask Santa for her "very own meerkat." For dinner we made French bread pizza then watched Gran Torino.

Abbey and Will
Saturday Nate and I went to Lipscomb University to play HORSE on some outdoor basketball goals. It was beautiful outside. A van full of international students emptied into the parking lot as I sank a three, and they all started clapping. :) haha. We checked out an old bookstore across the street and then headed to the public library on Thompson Lane. I was going to get a library card (I've lived here a year and don't have a library card!) but the lady working the desk wouldn't give me one because my driver's license doesn't have my current address and I didn't have a utility bill or something with my address on me. We reshelved the books and movie we were going to check out and headed home. I felt slightly defeated.

For dinner, Nate and I went to La Hacienda Taqueria on Nolensville Rd. It was good. It reminded me of La Fiesta in Manhattan, Kansas. There are a lot of roadside taco stands up and down Nolensville Rd that are probably very authentic, but I'm not that brave. :) After dinner we went to Coleman Park at Nolensville Rd & Thompson Ln to walk and throw the Frisbee as the sun set. So great.

Church this morning. Community group was sweet. Jesus is intimate and involved. Leftovers, naps, and football this afternoon. Nate left for work and Andrea picked me up to go to the airport. Jeff and Abbey returned this evening from Taiwan where they adopted two boys, Nash (3 yrs.) and Will (4 mo.). It was wonderful to meet those boys.

As far as my car goes, I am still waiting to hear on insurance. They are probably getting sick of me calling all the time asking for progress. Someone looked at it on Wednesday to assess the damage and is doing 2-3 days of paperwork. Hoping to hear something tomorrow. I took my car to Maaco on Thursday to get their opinion, and they took one look at it and said, "It's totaled." I wonder if the lady who hit me realizes how much of a pain this is! Ah well.

Looking forward to a beautiful week and the first day of fall on Wednesday! Nashville is great in the fall.

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  1. Now you know where we got the name "Daisy" for our golden retriever!


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