It's been quite dreary here in Nashville today. Actually, I spent the day making that assumption because I don't have windows in my office. But you could just tell because everyone was pretty quiet for a Tuesday and when I leaned over my desk and looked toward the mirror in the hall, it was only reflecting lamplight and shadows from the office across the hall where the sun usually pushes in.

I picked up Nate and we drove home under raindrops and 440-E was crawling. A big electronic board notified drivers of lane blockage ahead. I felt better. I'm not a fan of bad traffic, but it feels 100 times more annoying when you don't know why it is slow. If I know there's a wreck ahead, driving 25 in a 40 is acceptable. Nate went off to get a haircut and I started laundry and dinner. I pulled up my recipe for baked chicken teriyaki and almost panicked when I saw it takes 1 hr, 15 min. I had 30 minutes before Anne and Sam arrived for our weekly dinner together. I started anyway and the chicken was done in 45 minutes (I was cooking 4, not 12). This meal did not disappoint. I made steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes too. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

I downloaded a song today and you should too: Actions Speak Louder - Swoope (feat. Tedashii, Lecrae, and Jai). It's quality. Read the lyrics here. Plus 100% of the proceeds are being donated to His Voice Global to build a fourth orphanage in a war torn country that has left over 2 Million dead and many orphaned. What's not to love?

This afternoon I check in online for our flight tomorrow. Southwest lets you check in 24 hours in advance, and I had my confirmation plugged in so at exactly 2:20 I could click "Check In." And I landed Nate and I both A-group boarding passes, which is basically the equivalent to awesomeness because we get to board very early and get seats in the front and next to each other. 21 hours from now we'll be in Kansas City! There's something comforting about the familiarity of our home state. I'm excited.

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