kansas, part 2.

We are back in Nashville! I'm about to fall asleep, but here are some of the highlights from the trip.

Wednesday night we stayed with Evan and Jenn in Kansas City. They are wonderful. Nate and I met following their wedding. Evan and Jenn are dear friends to us.

Nate, me, Jenn, and Evan
Thursday night we went to Lawrence where Nate spoke at the KU Navigators. We had the chance to catch up with friends. It was a late night but we had a lot of fun.

Andrew, Jenn, Evan, me, Nate, Andy, Caitlin, and Matt
Friday morning we got up early and drove from Lawrence to Burlington (1.5 hours). We had breakfast and toured Burlington with my mom, then went to my dad's to meet up with him, Karen, and my grandparents … and Casey, their dog.

Nate meets Casey
Friday afternoon my dad took us to the simulator to show Nate how Wolf Creek works.

Dad shows Nate how a nuclear power plant works.
On Saturday, Nate drove us down to Maize, Kansas (just outside of Wichita) and we spent the day with his family. It was relatively warm, so we took a walk around the neighborhood.

Me & Nate's mom, Lisa
Saturday afternoon, we went to Orange Leaf (like Pinkberry). Nate and I shared strawberry frozen yogurt with gummi bears (his choice), cheesecake pieces, and chocolate covered raisins.

Andy, Caitlin, Hannah, Lisa, and Lyle at Orange Leaf in Wichita.
Sunday we got up early and Nate, me, Caitlin, and Andy drove to Kansas City to go to church at Redeemer. We met up with my sister, Erica, and her husband, JR, and went to lunch with them. We watched the Chiefs game and then headed to the airport.

When I got home, Miles had knocked 8 ornaments and 2 bells off my Christmas tree, and he managed to plunk one of the bells in his water dish. Other than that, he didn't make too much of a mess. Whew. So thankful for a three-day work week before a four-day weekend.

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