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I know we haven't quite hit Thanksgiving, but who isn't thinking about Christmas already? With e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs … do people even send Christmas cards anymore? I'll be the first to admit, I'm not great at keeping in touch with friends from high school and college. But what better time to reconnect than Christmas?

I recently ran across this site, Shutterfly, which offers stylish Christmas cards and other personalized products at an affordable price. I remember my parents sending out Christmas cards when we were little. Even in college I enjoyed buying boxed cards and mailing them out to my friends. But boxed cards are usually so plain and boring.
I've never used Shutterfly before, but Nate's got a great camera so I think it will be fun printing some cards this year. Here is my favorite design:

It's simple and would show off a great photo. The inside has plenty of space for a message. There are dozens of different designs and options for cards and stationery. Browse Shutterfly to find your favorite. Uploading a photo and personalizing a card is incredibly easy.

Here are some other options:
Flat photo cards start at $0.32 each.

Get creative!

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