Well, it's Friday night and I'm barely still awake. Nate and I flew into Kansas City on Wednesday afternoon, met up with our good friends Evan and Jenn for dinner and quality conversation before calling it a night. Thursday, Nate and I spent the day around their place while Nate worked on his talk and I napped---being home without responsibilities takes it out of me. I think my body decides it's okay to relax a little and in the comfort of friends and familiarity, I sleep.

We headed to Lawrence Thursday afternoon and met up with Nate's sister, Caitlin and her fiance, Andy. Nate spoke at the KU Navigators and we caught up with friends and grabbed dinner around 10:30 p.m. Some sleep and a 7:30 a.m. departure for Burlington.

Today was packed. My mom had biscuits and gravy waiting for us when we pulled into town, then we showed Nate around Burlington. We stopped at the high school and ran into Mrs. Parker, my junior and senior year English teacher. I also surprised Coach Stewart, the girls basketball coach. We drove around a bit more to see the elementary school and check out the newspaper office where my mom works before heading to lunch at Dad and Karen's. My grandparents came up to visit and meet Nate. Dad took Nate and I out behind the pond through some trails in the woods. It was sunny and beautiful except for the wind.

Nate and Dad walk through the woods
After lunch and watching some embarrassing home videos (how have these not yet made it to YouTube?) my dad took us out to the simulator to show Nate how the Wolf Creek nuclear power plant works. We came back to my mom's and got in the car to pick up a pizza from Buzzard's in Lyndon, Kansas. It's basically the world's best pizza. The KU game started at 7 p.m. so we watched that and indulged on Mom's peanut butter chocolate-drizzled cheesecake. I fell into a food coma and Nate headed out for a quick visit with Joel.

Nate at Buzzard's Pizza
Whew. I'm showered and ready for bed. We are getting up early to trek to Wichita to visit Nate's family and friends. We'll stay the night there and drive back to Kansas City Sunday morning to meet up with my sister Erica and her husband JR for church and lunch before getting on a plane and going back to Nash. I took lots more pictures today on Nate's camera, so I'll get them uploaded later.

Good night!

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