Thanks to some Arctic oscillation, Nashville got 1-2 inches of snow last night. Wet, heavy snow over a layer of ice. When Nate left my house last night, we scraped his car and then mine. So this morning I just had a thin layer of ice to scrape off, at which time I discovered that my ice scraped is basically worthless. (Note to self: It's time for an upgrade.)

Things aren't looking too good out there. Google Traffic is reporting motor vehicle accidents and Metro Police have responded to more than 70 MVAs this morning. There are some slick spots on side roads but the interstates are all clear. (Nice work, TDOT. My drive in this morning was kind of nice.) A lot of my coworkers have stayed home (I'm the only editor on my hall) but for everyone else on the roads: slow down! And avoid hills. And don't follow too closely behind people. Because if you crash, you get to deal with insurance. And that's (s)no(w) fun.

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