This weekend, Nate and I had the pleasure of hosting several of our friends. Evan and Jenn flew into Nashville Friday morning and we spent the day with them. We had an early lunch at Pancake Pantry and then walked around Vanderbilt for a bit before stopping at Starbucks for warm drinks. We played talked and played cards and then for dinner I made caramel apple pork chops.
Evan and Nate at Vandy
Evan is kind of a pro at getting into sports facilities via unlocked gates and doors.
We checked out the football stadium and gymnasium.

The Vandy men's basketball team was practicing.

Evan and Jenn
Nate took Evan and Jenn up to Love Circle where he proposed to me January 1.

We also discovered pretty quickly that Evan is allergic to Miles. Saturday night, Lindsey and Tiffany (more Kansas City friends) arrived after driving all day. They brought an air mattress and we set them up in my second bedroom. Evan, Jenn, Lindsey, and Tiffany were here for a City Life conference and we were glad to see them before their conference started on Saturday.

My friend Clarissa from Lincoln, Nebraska, flew in Saturday morning to hang out for a few days. I met Clarissa in Jacksonville during STP in 2008. We made Asian chicken roll-ups for lunch, caught up on life (we hadn't seen each other in a year!) and then we took a nap. I made chili for dinner and then Nate, Clarissa, and I headed downtown. The City Life group was staying at Union Station so we met up with them there and played cards until midnight.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Antioch to see Life As We Know It at the $1.50 theater. It was pretty funny. Today our KC friends headed out early to drive back west. Clarissa and I slept nearly 12 hours and got up for breakfast and then headed to the mall at Cool Springs. I've really been needing to find jeans but haven't had any luck. We went to JCP and found a pair of Levi's I liked but I needed size 4 Long. I went to the counter to see if they could order some, and they said Levis doesn't make 4 Long. Really? I resorted to going to the juniors' department where I finally found some jeans that fit.

Jean shopping was much quicker than anticipated so we decided to stop in at David's Bridal so I could try on some wedding dresses and start deciding what I like and don't like. It was surprisingly busy (some people don't have to work on MLK Day) and none of the salespersons even acknowledged our presence; I guess you should probably have an appointment to try on dresses. We looked at some dresses on the rack and I decided what I didn't like, and then we left. Leftovers for lunch and then making coasters. I drove to Clarissa to the airport for her 5 p.m. flight and headed to Starbucks to see Nate during his 10-minute break.

Back to work tomorrow. Between being sick and days off, I've managed to avoid a full week so far this month. I think I'll have a 5-day week next week but I'm looking forward to being back at my desk.

Praise God for friends.


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  1. I didn't have a great experience at David's Bridal - I had an appointment but once we were ready to look at bridesmaid dresses they didn't help at all.

    I ended up going through a local store, and got THE dress for 50% off because it was a sample dress, i.e. the in-store dress people tried on, then ordered in their own size. It was a size 12, but their recommended seamstress handled the alterations and you couldn't even tell it was about 10 sizes smaller than it started out. :) Not to mention everyone was much nicer and more helpful there! I've also heard good things about the J Crew wedding stuff - less expensive and a great idea if it's your style!


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