Three-day weekends are my favorite. My sister and brother-in-law got me a slow cooker for Christmas and my mom got me a cookbook, so this weekend I made spicy chicken in peanut sauce and chicken tetrazzini. I planned out 12 meals that should probably last us at least two weeks with leftovers and I bought all the ingredients I needed for just $75. Woot.

Nate also had the day off yesterday. He picked up Samne from the airport (I'm so glad they are back in Nash!) and then we took Miles to the vet. The last time Miles went to the vet, he was 4 months old, purred the entire time because he was so happy to be adopted, and weighed 4.3 pounds. This time he was not excited to be there; we had to take the lid off the carrier because he refused to come out. He now weighs 10.6 pounds. Fortunately Miles didn't try to scratch my eyes out during his shots and the rest of the day he slept.

For my 1-year anniversary of homeownership (in October) my real estate agent gifted me with a housecleaning. I'm typically a very clean person, but I was ecstatic about this. Yesterday a woman and her friend came to clean so Nate and I headed down to Cool Springs to look at sectional couches. We tried four stores and found one we loved at American Signature Furniture. We probably sat on it for 30 minutes in the store and talked about how great it would be and then we decided to buy it. The longest part was 12 feet and it was a chocolate brown with beautiful accent pillows and it had a tall back and you could comfortably sleep 2 (maybe 3) people on it. They could deliver it by next Tuesday.
We headed home and my house was so clean! Things I didn't even know could be cleaned were shiny and the place smelled amazing. My floors were spotless and even my blinds were free of dust. I'm not sure how much it costs for them to come clean, but whatever it is, it's probably worth it. (If you know any first-time homeowners or pregnant women or moms who are very busy, a housecleaning would make a great gift! It's such a relief to come home to a sparkling house.)

After admiring their work, we got out the tape measure and measured the width of my living room where we wanted to position the sectional. 11 feet. I could have sworn it was 13. We scratched our heads for other possibilities but we decided putting it against another wall would just make it look like we tried really hard to put a gigantic piece of furniture in a very small room. So we disappointedly called ASF and canceled our order. We will keep looking for something more size-appropriate.

Back to work today. My coworkers were buzzing with excitement when I showed off my ring even though some of them said, "I didn't even know you were dating someone!" I guess they don't read my blog. ;) I haven't been thinking too much about wedding plans yet. We're still trying to work around our families' travel schedules to pick a date.

I'm starting off the week with a sore throat but I can't bring myself to down any Tussin DM. We can send a man to the moon, but we can't make a palatable cough syrup. Amazing.

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