fresh air.

What a beautiful weekend. We enjoyed near-70 and low-60 degree weather Saturday and today. People were out wearing shorts and soaking up the sun, hardly remembering that it snowed two inches here last Monday. A lot of Nashvillians (myself included) got our hopes up that spring had arrived early. But the weatherman dashed our dreams with a 10-day forecast including mid-30s. At least the sun will be out, though. Back home, the southeast Kansans are expecting 8-12 inches of snow. I can't even imagine how Nashville would react to that much snow. We'd probably die in our homes.

Sarah, Glory, Chris, Annette, Tonya, Charlie
Yesterday I went to Starbucks while Nate was working and met up with Charlie and Tonya, a couple from our community group. Charlie read while Tonya and I talked about wedding stuff. Tonya is a pro and super detail-oriented. She is going to be a big help and I no longer feel like planning a wedding is incredibly overwhelming. Nate got off at 4 and the four of us headed to Franklin for Taco Night with more friends from community group.

I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life. Each couple told the story of how they met, and after dinner we played games late into the night. Talking about the gospel with them in community group this morning was life, like a breath of fresh air. These friends are such a gift.

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