strange south.

Well, it has snowed again. The Metro kids (and many surrounding counties) are enjoying another snow day. Too bad for them when they're still taking classes in July. Nashville hasn't received this much snow since the winter of 2002-2003. Needless to say, it's not normal. I left for work extra early because the roads were still wet and the newscasters were saying it was only going to get worse as temperatures continued to drop. No problems coming in on the streets and I got a really good parking spot in the garage. On the bright side, just 53 days until spring.

Last night Nate and I made a Walmart run to buy me an ice scraper (which I fortunately only used to brush snow off my car this morning) and some fetchal treats. As we perused the frozen novelties section, we came across these:

one word: unnatural.
Chicken rings. I don't know about the rest of you, but we've been noticing these a lot in the South lately. Nate and I first spotted a sign at White Castle and couldn't stop giggling: TRY OUR NEW CHICKEN RINGS! Chicken rings? Really? Hardee's has already educated us: chickens don't have nuggets. I've seen a few chickens in my lifetime—although I've never really examined them close up—and I'm pretty sure chickens don't have rings either.

Nate and I watched the Kansas vs. Colorado game courtesy of ESPN3 online. I fell asleep before 9 but Nate woke me up to watch the last two minutes of the game. For those of you who missed it, Kansas won. Rock chalk.


  1. We watched the game on ESPN3 also. For some reason the local stations in Columbia don't show the KU games. I think they're just afraid that all of the Mizzou fans would get to see what a good basketball team looks like.

  2. Just be glad that Nate didn't propose with a chicken ring!! :) --Anne

  3. Chicken Rings- that's just wrong and disgusting.


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