Well hello, hello. Despite some recent suspicions of the otherwise, I am in fact still alive. I was out sick for most of last week and after 72 hours stuck at home, I am finally starting to feel like I can return to sitting at my desk without the fear of plunging into sudden mucous-related death.

Nate came over while I was sick to bring me fluids and cookies. (I love him, but he isn't the best nurse.) Thursday I talked to my doctor and she told me it was probably viral, so they couldn't give me anything for it and I had to wait it out. Being sick stinks, but early on I discovered that nearly every episode of Rescue 911 is available on YouTube and that kept me pretty occupied. (Shamefully though because I should have been reading.) I think I am on the up-and-up.
Apparently it is supposed to snow 2-4 inches in Nashville tomorrow, possibly up to 7 inches south of the city. The Weather Channel reported 2-4 inches above I-40, and 4-7 south of the interstate. I-40 runs through the middle of Nashville, so technically I am south of it by about five miles. As long as they get the roads cleared and we don't have a lot of ice, we should be fine. Nashville shuts down for 1 inch though, so there is probably already panic and chaos brewing in the metro.

I haven't started reading any books yet this year, but our community group will soon be reading Radical by David Platt. We finished up 2010 with R.C. Sproul's The Holiness of God and are touching on Jonathan Edwards' resolutions in between. Radical is a fairly new book and neither Nate nor I own it, so I set out to find the best deal. It retails for $14.95 on Amazon plus shipping. I just bought two copies for $11.04 (free shipping!) at The Book Depository.

teal and black
Nate is working this evening so I'm home watching the KU v. Michigan basketball game on CBS. Though Nate and I haven't set a date and have been engaged a week, I'm feeling slightly stressed that I haven't really begun planning the wedding. We're shooting for summer, maybe July, which gives me about six months. So ... where exactly do I start?

I'm naturally a planner so I feel like once I get going in the right direction, I should do alright. I think I need to talk to my recently-married friends. One of Nate's coworkers does hair. We've started a guest list and picked colors. I guess that's a start! :) It just seems like there's so much you have to hand off to other people (photography, cake, catering, dress alterations, hotel reservations, etc.) and it makes me kind of nervous to think everyone is going to do their jobs right and it will all come together.

Is it too late to elope? ;)

ps. We're getting married in Nashville! I'm taking suggestions for best place to get a cake, find a dress, host a reception or rehearsal dinner, hire a photographer, get flowers, etc.


  1. glad youre feeling better!
    good luck with the wedding planning! i'm sure it will be beautiful no matter what! i'm in the process of planning my wedding too but we haven't officially set a date. :)

  2. ELOPE! ELOPE! Just kidding, it's not that bad! :) I was only engaged for 4 months, so 6 should be plenty of time to plan. Let me know if you need anything! Where's the wedding going to be? In Kansas or Nashville or somewhere else?

  3. Wedding Stuff...
    - Best place to get a cake: Dulce Desserts (in Edgehill Village) or Fiddlecakes
    - Reception: Belle Meade Plantation
    - Photographer: Marisa Mlynarek (be friends with her on FB, she's awesome!)

    Book Stuff...
    - You can get free books if you post a review on your blog! There's the Blogging for Books program (Multnomah) and the Book Snooze program (by Thomas Nelson) - google it! It's so awesome!


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