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Yesterday I drove by 14 houses in the Woodbine/Glencliff area. I didn't go in, just snapped a quick picture from the street and got a feel for the neighborhood. These are my first impressions (and only of the outside!).

Glenrose Ave.
Cute. I'm diggin' the yellow, but this house feels a little too close to the street for me. It's right off a busy road. There aren't any pictures of the inside with the listing.

Fox Ave.
Not thinking this one is a winner. The pictures online show a 3-car detached garage in the back and a shed. No pictures of the inside. The house itself looked like it could use some repairs.

Valeria St.
I actually really liked this street/neighborhood. I'm not sure what the inside looks like, but one thing is for sure: I would repaint the exterior!

Patterson St.
Hard to get a shot of this house because of the trees/bushes. This was on a hill. Not a favorite.

Patterson St.
This one was cute-- on the same street as the one above. The lot is a little bit sloped. There's a little shed to the right and the backyard is fenced. I think I'd have to switch up the green stuff on the steps/porch. Cute from the curb.

Whitsett Rd.
Nope. Wasn't feeling the street. The house was right across from a big industrial building and gravel parking lot.

DeWain Dr./Elysian Fields
I drove past this and liked the street. It's on a corner. Could use some bushes under those front windows. I didn't get a great picture, but it's longer and has a little carport and shed in the back; I like the off-street parking.

Elgin St.
The online pictures made this place look pretty nice. The pictures of the inside were actually very nice. I don't like that the side of the house is facing the street. And the house next door did not look very nice at all.

McCall St.
Anyone else think it's strange that there's a big dumpster on the left there? And the top windows are boarded and broken? I'm sure someone once appreciated that wheelchair ramp, but I have no use for it.

Empire Dr.
This is one of the few listings online to include inside pictures. The kitchen seems cute. The neighborhood seemed pretty nice and quiet. This is one of my favorites so far. This picture really doesn't do it justice.

Hewlett Dr.
This was right around the corner from Empire Dr. I think it has nice curb appeal.

Lutie St.
Looks like it could be cute, but I wasn't really feeling the street. Passed by this one after almost two hours of driving around, so my opinion might be swayed by lethargy.

Wildview Dr.
I thought the picture I took acutally made this one look decent, but I'm not a huge fan. It was also a corner lot, and again, I was getting tired of being in the car. The pictures online show some nice hardwood floors.

Neese Dr.
Sloped lot. But it backs up to some woods and I thought it was pretty cute and I could definitely have a little garden here. There were pictures online of the inside, but the owners had all their junk everywhere so it's kind of hard to tell. It has some potential.

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