on the DL.

Okay, so this girl is from Burlington. When you need a new driver's license, you drive down to the DMV, say hello to the one person working who is probably doing a crossword puzzle or sudoku because no one else is there, snap your picture and walk out of there in 5 minutes with your new license.

Nashville is not Burlington. I arrive at 3:30 and stand in line to get a number. This place is packed with people. Tons of people who don't speak English and people who showed up with three friends and are taking up all the chairs in the waiting room. And it smells like sweat and general dampness (it just stopped pouring rain). When I get to the first counter, I say, "Hi, I'm a new resident." I expect, "take a number," but I get "Welcome!" :)

I show my birth certificate, letter from my employer, and auto insurance form before I get a number and I sit and fill out an application for a driver's license. After probably 45 minutes, my number gets called. I go to counter #12, show my creds. again, pay $12.50, and get in line for a picture. While in line, I fill out a voter's registration form. I get my picture, wait a little longer, get my license, and leave. In 1 hour and 10 minutes. Not bad because I expected it would take a lot longer. ONE MORE THING OFF MY TO-DO LIST!

Next up: car title and registration


Oh yeah! So today was my first "official" day at LifeWay. I had a brief orientation and filled out a bunch of paperwork for insurance and everything. I'm feeling all "I'm an adult!" with my 401K and life insurance. Still haven't figured out how to record my voice message on my phone. We'll tackle that one tomorrow.


  1. Welcome to the world of adulthood, Alyssa!! This is just the first of many things that will be WAY different than it was in KS. People are always saying to me, "Dorothy, you're not in KS anymore!!!"


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