last day of august.

Today was good. Driving into the city at 6am is sweet: light traffic and the sunrise.

For breakfast this morning, I had toast. I was pretty excited about it because Abe and Jessica didn't have a toaster. I missed toast. Toast with peanut butter and a hardboiled egg. I can't find where I packed my egg timer, so I boiled my eggs without it. They are very hard to peel. I bought medium eggs instead of large, so after I peel them and most of the white peels off with the shell, I don't have much egg left. Sad.

After work when I was heading down the ramp off the roof, a black guy almost stepped out in front of me. I was going slow, but I stopped and waved him across. He motioned for me to roll down my window and I cracked it. I thought he was just going to ask for directions or something. He said, "I need your help." He was wearing a bright yellow vest-type shirt with a Greyhound logo and name badge and started explaining he was out of gas and kept saying I didn't need to give him a ride but then he was talking so fast I could hardly understand him. I told him I didn't have a gas can. He said "I just need change." I told him I wasn't carrying cash. He said, "Not cash, change."

I was feeling pretty uncomfortable and said I didn't have any. That didn't make any sense to me for a guy to be asking for change to buy gas. You'd need a lot of change. Plus if he worked for Greyhound, wouldn't the company be taking better care of their drivers than expecting them to beg for money when the bus was out of gas? It was kind of sketch if you ask me. He backed off and I rolled up my window completely and continued on my way.

I got home and finished reading a book, ate some dinner. One of my brother's textbooks that I listed on Amazon sold, which was a nice $65 extra.
(Geoff, if you're reading this and want your money you can claim it, but first read my August 12 post and consider that I'm buying a house and then decide if you really want it!)

Then I chilled in the living room before Kate left for work. Rachel came home and we watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Seriously the stupidest show ever. I took the time to journal. Law & Order: CI came on and 45 minutes into it I headed up for a shower. I like living with Rachel and Kate. Tomorrow I have new employee orientation all day. I'm pretty excited I get a free lunch.

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