he's pretty much my BFF.

OK. Before reading this, make sure you have the back story. Read these posts to get caught up:
1. Chapel with John Waller
2. Meet and Greet

So today was new employee orientation. Even though presentations and paperwork aren't always the most exciting things in the world, the HR department does a really good job getting us the information we need and treating us to things like snacks and free lunch in the cafe, a LifeWay Legacy book written by Dr. Draper, and just a generally very friendly welcome to the family.

So I'm pretty excited about free lunch. I only eat in the cafe when I'm not paying for it which so far has only included times like this and the time I grabbed a snack after my manager gave me a $2 voucher after my horrible, awful, no good, very bad day. So I go for the Hawaiian chicken quesadilla and a drink. (It has been too long since I've had chicken.) I'm standing there filling my cup up with diet Pepsi. I try not to drink soda too much, but diet root beer is a favorite. Since most places don't have diet root beer, I get diet Pepsi or diet Coke and simply add a squirt or two or root beer. Same taste without the calories. Today the root beer doesn't seem to be working. Diet Pepsi it is.
My cup is almost full and all of a sudden I turn and who is standing next to me but Dr. Rainer.

That's right. The president and CEO of LifeWay. The head honcho. Author of more than 20 books and avid Tweeter. He says, "Got your camera?"

"Ah! No! I don't.. but we're coming to your office! Tomorrow!"
"Yeah, the new employees. They said we got to come to your office and maybe if you were there we could meet you."
"You're full time now?"
"I'm going to be in California tomorrow. Did you bring your camera when I spoke at chapel?"
"Yeah I had it but I didn't come get a picture. Darn! Well next time! I'll have my camera."

He leaves. And I go sit down to eat. Before long someone comes to our table and said Dr. Rainer has invited our group to meet with him today. Of course, I run up to my office to get my camera. We show up in his office around 2pm and all the new employees get to introduce themselves. He gives me a hard time for thinking he's not important enough to get my picture with. (His words, not mine!)

I'd say we're back on good terms now that we got a picture together. Dr. Rainer has a bobble head of [himself and one of] Michael Scott in his office. So, we both work here and we both like The Office. So, you know. He's pretty much my BFF.

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