i've always been your biggest flan.

dStep 1. Gather your supplies. For this you will need: 1 stapler, 2 pieces of dental floss, Jello mix, tape, and a plastic container large enough for the stapler. The amount of Jello you need depends on the size of your stapler+container. For me, one big box (makes 4 c.) was sufficient.

Step 2. Suspend the stapler. This step is essential to give the stapler a "floating" look. Otherwise your stapler is just going to sink. Use the floss to suspend the stapler. Try to work it so no part of the stapler is actually touching the container. When the jello sets, you'll be able to pull the floss out.

Step 3. Make the jello. Follow the directions on the package. It's not difficult. I really would have preferred using lemon jello (yellow = more transparent) but my choice at the store was little box of lemon for 99 cents or big box (twice the size) of orange for 99 cents. I'm pinching pennies.

Step 4. Refrigerate. Pour the hot jello into the container, filling it halfway. Fill it the rest of the way up with cold water. Refrigerate (preferably overnight). Before pouring the jello in, I went ahead and sprayed the container with cooking spray. I didn't want to take any chances with the jello being too sticky. This is the first time I've done this, so we'll see tomorrow if I can get it out of the container.

So the whole reason I'm doing this is for our Office skits tomorrow at work. We have a department meeting once a month. Yeah, maybe the skits could be tweaked so everyone watching would walk away with some useful information, but really it's just for laughs. Tomorrow is the season 6 premiere of the Office. Click here to read the script.

Another surprise coming tomorrow. Check back tomorrow night to find out what it is.


  1. A guy at work told me you have to make the jello with 1/2 or 1/4 the amount of water the normal jello recipie calls for to hold the weight of the stapler.


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