Sorry for not updating. Here's what I've been up to the last three days.

What did I do on Saturday? Oh yeah, it was raining. I spent my day inside drinking chai tea and listening to Mat Kearney. I did a little editing. In the evening I was feeling creative so I made several cards and decorated the envelopes. I also decoupaged my journal with pictures of Nashville. (See picture.)
My mom spent her morning taking pictures of everything in my room in Kansas and e-mailing them to me so I could tell her what I wanted her to bring me in November and what I wanted to leave there. Thanks, Mom!

Sunday was beautiful. I went out to my car and... "Whoa! What is that huge bright light in the sky?" It was, indeed, the sun. Our Sunday School class met outside on the patio which was really great. The question of the day was "What's your favorite type of music?" I confessed that I drop some rhymes with Shai Linne and Lecrae when I drive to work in the morning. (Christian hip-hop/rap)
Late afternoon... I went over to Andrea's and we walked around her neighborhood and then we hung out for a few hours. It was fun. :)

Busy day yesterday. Every day for the next two weeks will be busy.
After work I went to HR and got my flu shot. The shot itself didn't hurt but pretty soon afterward my arm hurt a lot! But at least the pain isn't as bad as dealing with the flu.
A lady from the American Red Cross called me and asked if I would donate. She said they are in need of my blood type (O+). I said sure, and I have an appointment today after work. Hopefully my iron is high enough. She said, "For coming in, we'll give you a keychain with your blood type on it. How does that sound?" I said, "That sounds fabulous."

Another very busy day at work. I think this flu shot is making me feel a little icky. Not terribly, but I'm definitely fighting the urge to sleep all the time. I successfully donated another pint of blood. I always get so nervous about the finger prick even though I know it doesn't really hurt. And this is my 10th time (I think...maybe 11th) donating, and I cannot watch the needle go in. I was looking away in anticipating and the nurse said, "Are you OK?" "Yeah, fine. I just can't watch it." I was unusually slow today at pumping the blood out. It felt like it took forever and at one point it slowed down and she repositioned the needle. Finally right when I was finishing, I started feeling sick and faint and so they dropped me flat and put my feet up. This probably happens 50% of the time I give blood. I recovered quickly though.

Only like 8% of the population who is eligible to donate blood ever does. Don't be a wimp. It's not that bad. Go donate. You can save up to 3 lives each time you give. You always feel good about helping people afterward and the best part is the free drinks and snacks. On no other occasion do I eat Nutter Butters except when I give blood. At the Red Cross downtown, they had a popcorn machine. Fantastic.

I'm less than one month from closing on my house. I found out yesterday that the termite report came back, and I am buying a termite-free house. That's always good news. I can't wait to move in. October 27 will not come soon enough. My friend Kristin called me today. We'll spend months playing phone tag and it's rare we ever get to talk. But we did and it was great.

Finally, a picture I snapped while waiting to get on the interstate: LifeWay in the background and birds on the power lines. These were big -- like pigeons. The other day we saw dozens and dozens of birds on the lines, but I didn't have my camera. Birds are weird.


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