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So yesterday I wrote about the great team of people working for me on this
home/loan/insurance thing. I called State Farm yesterday to get a quote on homeowner's insurance to compare prices. When they called me back today, I pulled out my notebook to jot the numbers next to Liberty Mutual's numbers, but I was surprised by the conversation:

"Hi Alyssa, I was just calling because we have down here to get a quote to you about life insurance."

Life? No, homeowner's. Seriously, since I got my auto and renter's policies with State Farm, these people have called me at least six or seven times to ask me if I wanted life insurance.

"I have life insurance through my employer."

"Right, but it is often a good idea to get additional life insurance. Sometimes life insurance from an employer is not enough or not always reliable. You know, inflation and what not..."

"Okay, look. I do not have a family. And my parents can afford to bury me if something happens to me."

"Yes, but do you plan on getting married and having kids someday?"

"I'm 21! I have no plans on getting married or having kids right now. You guys have called me six or seven times about this. I do not want additional life insurance!"

"Six or seven times? Really?"

"Yes, at least. But I did call yesterday about homeowner's insurance quotes. And I haven't heard back."

"Okay, let me transfer you to Dante."

(Dante:) "Alyssa? What are you saying I didn't do?"

"I'm saying you didn't call me back. I called yesterday asking for a homeowner's insurance quote and you said you'd call me back today."

"Okay. Well here are the numbers. For a year, it will be $618."

"$618? Is that for only the homeowner's?"


It took all I had not to laugh and tell them they were losing my business as soon as I got my house. Not only was the representative from Liberty Mutual VERY nice, he gave me a better price. State Farm says "$618." You know what Liberty Mutual quoted me for for a year of homeowner's insurance?


The Office season premiere is coming up on Thursday! Here's a spoof:


  1. You go girl! I'd let State Farm know what the other quoted you. Are you moving your car insurance to Liberty Mutual to get the muti-line discount?

  2. Of course! I'll let them know when I call to cancel my policies.


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