too good.

Whew. Monday. Nothing like spending several hours on a Winter 2010-11 leader pack. And then realizing that three of the pack items (Bible Books Posters) really need to be one item placed at the beginning. So here I have all these files named:


And so forth. 35 pack items plus the contents page. Three files per item (a- contents, b- instructions, c- title). So 108 files waiting to be imported into InDesign pages. Well this is a problem when you realize you need to delete pack items #13 (a, b, and c) and #26 (a, b, and c) and change pack item #4 to include both 13 and 26 and then rename it to be pack item #2.
Lots of time spent renaming every file and then opening them to make sure I got it right.

I really do love my job. I work with amazing people who love the Lord. I love what I do. I love being able to use the talents God has given me every day. When I'm cruising down the interstate at 6:05am to the sunrise and singing [yes, I sing in my car. Loudly. All the time.] to Addison Road or Jason Waller I can't help but think, "Lord, how in the world did I end up here? This is fantastic. You are too good to me."

A representative from Liberty Mutual called me today to get me a homeowner's insurance quote. He called back about 10 minutes after he got the address from me with the quote. I called State Farm (I'm currently with them for auto and renter's) and they said it would take until tomorrow to get back to me. He said my homeowner's insurance for the year is really low which is great news.

I'm pretty diligent about shopping around to get the best deal, but I'll tell you what, if you're nice to me, that has a huge impact. If you're willing to take the time to say, "You're buying your first home? Congratulations! I'll walk you through this step by step so you know exactly what it all means. We'll get you taken care of," then even if your auto insurance is $9 more a year than State Farm, you've got my business. The banker I'm working with was the same way. He met with me and explained everything in simple terms. My real estate agent even told me that he was telling her how nice I was. :) Don't even get me started on my real estate agent. So great. I'm glad I have a great team of people taking care of these things for me. I'm sure it can be a real disaster for some people.

THREE days until the season premiere of the Office.


  1. Alyssa,
    Make no mistake. I love "The Office." The problem I had was the fact that you said you didn't watch TV, which is, by the way, where The Office can be seen!

  2. Ah yes, but the first four seasons I watched online. So technically, didn't watch TV ;)


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