We are converting to Google Apps at work, and the general consensus on this move is positive. I know I'm excited about it. I've had a personal GMail account for several years, but have never really used calendar or any other applications. So, to make the transition easier, everyone is required to attend Google Apps training.

Today I went to a session of Google Apps training. Amy Thompson led the training.
She is hilarious.
Hil. ar. i. ous.

She also taught me how to use the phone system during new employee orientation. No one ever calls my phone, which is sad because the phone does have a lot of really neat features.

In 90 minutes, we learned more than we really want to know about the features of GMail and Google calendars. It will make communicating more simple and organization will be a walk in the park. Mostly I'm pretty pumped that I will know be able to watch little Chinese fox go about his day as I edit.

I walked away with a sweet sticker set of shortcuts to apply to my keyboard.


  1. Lovin' the stickers, Alyssa. Glad you enjoyed the class. (Oh wait. She didn't actually say she ENJOYED it... she just said she WENT.)

    At any rate, at least you didn't fall asleep which is more than I can say for some folks.
    Amy T.

  2. Of course I enjoyed it :) Just real sad I didn't win a door prize.


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