This morning I sat in on the 5th grade Sunday School class at my church. Next week I am going to be subbing for one of the teachers. There are three teachers, and they actually use BTX, the preteen curriculum I edit at work! So that's pretty cool. It's also cool because I get to see how well the product works and what about it could be changed to make it better.

Next week I'm teaching the "Experience the Bible" portion, which is the longest part (20-25 min). I'm a little nervous because I have very little experience working with kids/teaching. I think it'll be easier now that I've experienced a week and know what it's like (and 5th graders seem a lot younger than I imagined them... and the boys are so different from the girls!). It'll be stretching, but good.

In the afternoon I met up with Andrea (who mentored me as an intern) and we went to a park on Concord Rd. and walked and caught up on life. Then she drove me past the Governor's Club (lots of really nice, really big houses). Then just down the road was Dolly Parton's house. She drove me by and said, "Here, now you'll have something to blog about.' Hanging out with her was a lot of fun.

Dolly Parton's House (she has a lot of land and it was
difficult to even see her house from the road)

Kate brought me home a half-gallon of milk because she used a bunch of mine to make alfredo sauce when she thought it was Rachel's milk. (It's actually good that she used it because it was about to expire!) Kate decided to make some disgusting Japanese noodles called shirataki noodles. They were white and smelled like fish. Rachel and I were almost gagging so Rachel opened the front door -- and there was a kitten outside! We tried to catch him but he kept running away. I want one. :)

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