safety violation.

I couldn't get through my morning without running an Office quote by Dwight through my head. During the pilot episode, Jim has strategically placed pencils (points up) in the crack between his desk and Dwight's.

Dwight: You can't do that.
Jim: Why not?
Uh... safety violation. I could fall and pierce...an organ.

Besides going to chapel (which was great) and a party (hard not to choke on food when Scott and Tim are cracking jokes about the background music), I spent my morning working on name tags for Writers Conference coming up next week. There were 72 tags that needed to be cut apart and inserted into these little plastic holders. Then the strings had to be attached. And because I was thinking ahead about when these name tags would be distributed, I also grouped them by age group and then alphabetized them by last name.

I needed a strategy to keep organized. Something to hang them on so the strings wouldn't get all tangled. A coat rack would be nice. Maybe some hooks on the walls.

But I do not have those.
So I improvise.

Jeff walked by and had to look closely. He thought it was an illusion. You know, like the pencils are just floating there. A balancing act. Magic. Miracle. Something. No, I just have really clear tape. I mean really clear. Better than Scotch tape. I can't believe how clear this tape is. It's almost invisible! And I taped each pencil to the table.
In the end, I tucked each string into the holder behind the name and lined them up in a box. I feel like we're really going all out for these writers. Whatever happened to "Hello My Name Is..." stickers? ;)

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