"this is an environment of welcoming."

The cast of LifeWay's version of "The Office"
(from left to right: Kathy, as Phyllis; Jeff, as Michael; Jeremy, as Jim; Todd, as Toby; Jessica, as Pam; Bill, as Kevin; Alyssa, as Angela; and William, as Dwight -- holding his stapler in jello.)

A scene in which Dwight explains our new bathroom rules.
"Using the bathroom is a privilege. If you cannot behave like adults, there will be no bathrooms!"
(click photo to enlarge)

Yet another reason why I love my job. A small group of the Childhood Ministry Publishing family presented seven office scenarios during the monthly department meeting. (See yesterday's post for the script.) The entire performance was caught on video. Unfortunately the video is more than 1GB right now, so it is currently being shrunk down to a more manageable size. When it is accessible to me and/or posted on YouTube, I'll get a link up here.

The season 6 premiere of NBC's "The Office" is tonight at 9/8c.

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