end of week.

Still in the negotiation phase. Offer. Counter-offer. I need to find a fax machine tomorrow to get the counter offer back to my realtor. I think there's a FedEx Office not too far from here. This is another picture of the house: the "dining room" aka the other end of the living room that's right next to the kitchen.

Our managers let us leave an hour early (at 2 p.m.) today since it's the Friday before a holiday (yay, Labor Day). I got home and didn't know what to do with myself and before I knew it I was in a cleaning mode and did some sweeping (house with three girls = hair everywhere) and dusting and light bathroom cleaning. When I got done it was only 4:30. This whole I'm-done-with-school thing gives me a lot of free time. I've been reading A LOT. I'm currently working on C.S. Lewis' The Magician's Nephew (first Narnia book). I'll probably finish it tomorrow.

Coming up:
Saturday: fax papers to Tiffany, get my oil changed, get a library card
Wednesday: Steven Curtis Chapman comes to LifeWay! There's a listening party over lunch. He has a new album coming out in November so we're going to hear some of the new songs.

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