meet and greet.

This morning the LifeWay interns had a meeting with Thom Rainer. When we got into his office, Ed Stetzer was there, too. Fun fact: Thom Rainer has a bobble head doll of himself! (Right next to his bobble head of Michael Scott--who, if you look at Dr. Rainer in this first picture [standing at right], he looks kind of similar to!) ;) Someone wanted to have LifeWay sell them, but marketing turned it down. Dr. Rainer is also a big fan of Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry. He put on his rainbow clown wig for us and showed us his cool carpet skis and a piece of the picket fence behind which the mysterious "second gunman" hid when Kennedy was assassinated.

When we sat down, Dr. Rainer asked me where my camera was. "You will run back to your office and get your camera when we have a musician here [I got my picture with John Waller] but you don't even bring it to meet with me?" Haha, oops. I really did wish I had taken my camera! Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer tweeted a couple of pictures of our meeting.

I'm smiling at the camera, but I really had no idea Ed Stetzer was taking a picture!
He said he was tweeting the meeting.

The group of interns -- Dr. Rainer got a little bit of his finger in the bottom of the picture. :)


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