Yesterday (Thursday, July 23):

Lunch at Baja Burrito. Went out to lunch at Baja Burrito. It's a local place, but it's pretty much just like your Q'doba or Chipotle--still pretty good.

Coffee and Desserts at Marché. I met up with Rob (friend from Manhattan) and a couple of his friends yesterday after work. He was in the area for a bit before catching a flight. It was nice to catch up and to see a familiar face.

Today (Friday, July 24):

Listening Party with Phil Stacey
Today we went to a Phil Stacey listening party over lunch. Phil Stacey is an American Idol finalist and recorded a self-titled country album last year. He talked about his new album,
Into the Light (coming out in August) and sang a couple of songs for us. We all got advanced copies of Phil's new album. Sweet.

Afternoon break at The Arcade. It was known in the late 19th century as Overton Alley but the alley between 4th and 5th Avenues North was developed in 1902 by David C. Buntin to become Nashville's first shopping center. It has since seen many times of prosperity and decline.

In the Arcade, we saw Mr. Peanut. It was actually very creepy: a tall, very skinny man in blank Under Armour and a big peanut suit, handing out free peanuts. The Peanut Shop is supposedly one of the oldest stores in the Arcade.


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