evening at the ballpark

Tonight I went to the Nashville Sounds game v. Red Rock Express (Texas) with two other interns (Micah and Jennifer) and two of Jennifer's friends. Baseball = summer. It's been a busy week but it was a nice chance to relax for a few hours tonight.

Before the game, there was a Jars of Clay concert. Very cool.
I have a very low quality video here.

The first 2,000 fans got a free bobble head doll of Ryan Braun. Being new to Nashville, we had no idea who Ryan Braun is. This is how the dialogue between us interns went:

"Ryan Braun? Who's that?"
"He's not even in the line-up!"

So, I did what any inquisitive mind would do: I asked ChaCha. This is what they texted me: Ryan Braun is currently an outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. ChaCha!

I'm taking this guy to work to sit in my office. It just feels appropriate after seeing Dr. Rainer's bobbleheads.


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