ink spot.

It's been forever since I've sat down just to write creatively. Back in Manhattan, I was in this writing group called inkWELL that met on Saturday mornings just to workshop things we had written. I miss it. I don't think anyone in Nashville knows I like to write. So here's a sample of my favorites:


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  1. Heys Alyss! Haha, I don't know if we're ever gonna' see you back in Kansas again, the way you're getting to know and love Nashville. :) Your internship looks like its a blast!

    Checked out your writing stuffs, and I gotta' say, whoa-hoa! I like that you can go from all seriousness to snarky, satirical. It's good to be flex. :D Anywho, still love you and prayin' for you over here, and wishin' things would work out for a visitation before school starts up again. Haha, I need to get out of my job before that can happen. You take care, missy!

    -De' Redhead


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