wake up.

Yesterday was just weird. I think I redefined "Lazy Saturday" by being extra lazy. Well, I did go to the grocery store, make chocolate chip cookies, clean the kitchen, do some reading, and finish up a project for a friend, but a good portion of the day was spent in bed. I napped, changed into PJs around 8pm, then fell asleep, woke up at 10pm, fell asleep, the woke up again.

I sat up and looked at the clock: 5:00. It is raining, and I feel strangely panicked. 5:00 -- AM or PM? And I suddenly remember that after my trip to the grocery store, I left my car window rolled down just a bit so the inside of my car wouldn't get too hot. I remember thinking when I did it, "It's not going to rain."

Well guess what?! It is pouring. I change into shorts, grab my keys, slip on flip-flops and throw a towel over my head because my umbrella is in my car. And out the door I go to roll up my window.

Crisis averted. The inside of my door was a little wet, but I dried it off. Back to bed for a couple more hours of sleep. Woke up again at 8:00 and realized I needed to leave for church by 8:40 at the latest. Didn't get into the shower until 8:12 had my hair dry and everything by 8:32 (20 minutes! Not bad!) and got going.

On the agenda for this week:

Today-- interview prep. My friend Clarissa is driving through this evening on her way to Nebraska from Jacksonville, so I'm planning on meeting up with her.

Monday-- last full day of work and job interview.

Tuesday-- packing and cleaning.

Wednesday-- back to work for VBS Preview. More packing.

Thursday-- load up the car. 11:30am appointment to give blood at LifeWay for Red Cross blood drive.

Friday-- drive back to Kansas! Stopping in KC to spend the night with some friends.


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