Yesterday my dad and stepmom picked me up in Kansas City and we drove to Columbia, MO to meet up with JR and Erica. They just bought their first home outside of town, in New Franklin, MO. We helped them load and move stuff from their old apartment. After an evening of moving, we headed into Boonville for dinner.

We ate at Stein House Cafe. Our waiter was 6'11 and from Croatia. He had come to the US after being recruited by Roy Williams to play basketball. When Yugoslavia split, there was problems with his immigration papers and he wasn't allowed to play. He did play soccer for awhile. The restaurant was neat. I got popcorn shrimp, mashed potatoes, and cooked zucchini.

Erica and JR walking back to our car after dinner.

A Sinclair station. Apparently there are Sinclair stations in 21 states, but it seems like I see them a lot in Missouri. You won't find one of these in Tennessee. I always refer to it as "the dinosaur place." Look at the price of that gasoline! You won't find that in Nashville. :(

There was a Butternut bakery across the street from where we parked. It smelled amazing!

An old railroad drawbridge just outside of Boonville.

Erica and JR's new cat, Grey-Grey. He looks just like Simba and Nala who live with me in Madison. He won't touch his cat food. We saw him catch a mouse and eat it this morning.

Erica and JR in front of their rental in Columbia with their 85-year-old landlord. They'll miss how close it was to work, but they won't miss the house!

They now own this house! It's out in the country and beautiful.


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