Yesterday I moved into a townhouse in Antioch with two girls (Kate and Rachel). This morning, I parked on the street because our driveway is seriously like at least a 45-degree angle! It terrifies me every time I pull up, so for now I'm parking on the street and walking up. I looked at this place on Google maps, and the street view makes it look like nothing. Someday I will have to figure out a way to capture its magnitude and put a picture on here.

The living room. I love the colors. I would be totally incapable of going to Home Depot and picking out two colors like this and thinking they'd look good, but I love the living room and kitchen. The side walls are white.
Um, how cool is this: bookstore bookshelves in the living room? Plus there are lots of books I like (by Jodi Picoult and by Francine Rivers), also some from my childhood: Matilda, Number the Stars, Little House on the Prairie, The BFG... I might re-read these for fun.

The kitchen. Have I ever mentioned that I love gerber daisies? I do. And we have some on the table.

Kate is a fan of Audrey Hepburn. I think the black and white picture on the bright wall is sweet.

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